Suicidal Angels at "Bang Your Head" 2015

 Breaking news coming up while being on tour! Apart from the awesome shows so far, we are glad to announce our participation in this year's Bang Your Head Festival! More to be announced soon...tonight we are rocking out at our favorite club, turock - disco, live-club and lounge. The show is also being filmed and recorded, so be prepared, give the best of yourself and blow your lungs out!!!

Shoother's 'FINEART PHOTO CALENDER 2015''!!
As usual, when being on the road, we have the chance to meet a lot of people and make new friendships. Natts SHOOTHER is one of these cases. Apart from great human and personality, she is also a very talented photographer. Through her hard work, she created a calendar for 2015, with some of the bands that she had shot. This is a sample below, everyone interested, feel free and contact her straight!

Get your tickets for the "Conquering Europe Tour"

 As we reach closer to the beginning of Conquering Europe tour, more and more news are coming up. Below you may find the final poster with all the bands participating. Apart from the main acts, we have decided to split the dates in four, in order to give some new young and killer bands the chance and the experience of touring. Bloodrocuted from Belgium,Toxic Waltz and Fateful Finality from Germany and Deficiency from France, are those who will join us on this thrashing ride across the Europe! Grab your tickets now and be part of it! One is for sure, it’s gonna be killer!!!

TICKETS: https://www.facebook.com/SuicidalAngels?sk=app_123966167614127&app_data

Suicidal Angels at "ROCKSTADT EXTREME FEST" 2015

The third and last festival for this weekend comes from the land of the mighty Vlad Tepes. It’s been more than 3 years since we last visited Romania and we have definitely missed it. It will be a great pleasure to be part of Rockstadt Extreme Fest this summer and thrash our brains out! Cheers to all our Romanian friends and see you all soon!

Suicidal Angels at "With Full Force" 2015

 As promised, we keep up the flame of the summer heat by delivering one more festival for the summer of 2015! For the first time, we are part of the line up for next year's With Full Force Festival!! Can't wait to meet you all out there but till then, keep an eye on the next days because more are to come!!!

Suicidal Angels at "Summer Breeze" 2015

 Even though we are in the beginning of winter, summer season seems to get close. We are more than glad to announce our participation in Summer Breeze open air festival! This is the first one of more to come, officially confirmed for the summer period. Stay tuned because more are to be announced in the following days!!!

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